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Christmas celebrations

celebrate Christmas in tignes in 2023

An enchanting atmosphere for children... young and old!


It is always so fun and touching to observe children when December is getting closer... Hardworking while they write their letter to Father Christmas, guilty when they finish up their Advent calendar in just a few days (hours?)... and overexcited when you tell them they will spend their Christmas holiday surrounded by snowflakes this year!


Every December 24th, enjoy an enchanted "après-ski" that will get stars to sparkle in the eyes of all Christmas spirit lovers: torchlight descents, Father Christmas parade, distribution of chocolates, show and fireworks!

Parade de Noel à Tignes le Lac

Festivities for young and old !


24 december

Tignes le Lac and Tignes Val Claret come alive! Join us at the end of the day on 24 December for a festive light parade and the traditional ESF torchlight descent.


Detailed programme


17:30 : Meet in front of the Maison de Tignes Val Claret Centre for the departure of the Parade Amoureuse accompanied by Father Christmas.

The parade marches down to the Tufs snow front to admire the torchlit descent by Val Claret ESF instructors around 18:00 on the slope below the Tichot chairlift, followed by a fireworks display.



18:30 : Meet on the Tignes le Lac snow front to watch the ESF du Lac instructors' torchlit descent down the Johan Clarey slope.

Hurdle of honor by the instructors to welcome the Parade Amoureuse accompanied by Father Christmas, followed by a fireworks display.



25 December

Tignes 1800 and Tignes les Brévières celebrate Christmas !

The fantastic animals are coming to parade and celebrate Christmas with you! Come to Tignes 1800 and Tignes les Brévières at the end of the day on 25 December for a parade, a lantern-lit descent and a fireworks show.



  • TIGNES 1800

17:30 : Meet on the Tignes 1800 snow front to watch the Fantastic Animals parade.

18:00 : Children from ESF 1800 and Les Brévières descend with lanterns down the Myrtilles piste to the Les Brévières snowfront.



18:30 : Meet on the Brévières snow front to watch the lantern-lit descent by children from ESF 1800 and Brévières. Fantastic Animals parade, followed by fireworks.


Numerous Christmas decorations dress up the resort and the tourist offices throughout the month of December!


At the Maison de Tignes le Lac, come and admire the scene of the automatons staging the Christmas festivities. Pass in front of the tree richly decorated for the occasion and drop a letter in Father Christmas' letterbox!


Stroll through the different districts of Tignes and discover with wonder the luminous trees installed in the districts, and in particular the 6-metre high one near the #TIGNES lettering on the lakefront. A luminous deer located in front of the Maison de Tignes le Lac, or the various decorations installed everywhere will plunge you into a magical atmosphere.


You will be able to get in the mood and wait serenely (not without a certain impatience) for the evening of December 24th and the opening of the presents on the 25th in the morning!

Sapin de Noël à Tignes

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