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Resort map



In Tignes, you’ll never get lost!  Looking for an activity, accommodation, a particular service?  With the interactive map of Tignes, you have all the cards in hand to quickly find the information you’re looking for.  Now it’s your turn to play!


1. Click on "full screen" at the bottom on the right to enjoy the map to the most!


2. Click at the bottom of the map to use the search tool.


3. Choose what you want to see: hotels, sports etc.


4. Customize the map according to your needs!



  •          You want to display the hotels only? First, choose the area (resort, Boisses or Reculaz).
  •          Then tick the box Accommodation and then tick the "hotels" box.
  •          Looking for a specific hotel?
  •          Click on "hotels": they are then all displayed in the menu on the right.
  •          Then untick all the hotels you are not interested in!
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